Words in the Desert

Aug 04, 2014

TEAM workers want to revolutionize education in Chad by bringing indigenous languages into the classroom.

The Power of Ink

Aug 04, 2014

A small print shop in Chad is fueling church growth and discipleship across Central Africa.

Freeing Women

Aug 04, 2014

Two missionaries help workers quit Chad’s sex industry by first helping them realize their true worth as daughters of God.

Continued Surrender

Aug 04, 2014

A cystic fibrosis diagnosis doesn’t stop a young family from following God into the heart of Africa.

People of Peace

Aug 04, 2014

Workers building water wells in southeast Chad are finding a warm welcome from villagers, who invite them into their homes, families, and communities. Such community development projects are providing new opportunities to forge meaningful relationships. Friendships between development workers and local men and families they refer to as “people of peace” are laying the groundwork for introducing the gospel, impacting villages throughout the region.


Broadcast Love

Jul 31, 2014

After the sun sets, a Christian radio program lights up the nightly airwaves for the Kwong tribe of Chad’s Sahel plains.

Nothing Less than a Lifetime

Jul 31, 2014

Linguists in Chad build a legacy through translating Scriptures.

AIDS - A Hidden Mercy

Nov 02, 2012

Hidden mercy?? How can anything to do with HIV/AIDS be merciful? Rejection, pain, despair, poverty, misery and death can quickly follow in the wake of being diagnosed with HIV! And yet, even this tragedy God takes and uses to show His amazing love and grace for mankind.

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