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Northwest Quadrant Initiative

Our Team

The group consists of TEAM missionaries working alongside expatriate and Chadian ministry partners.

Our Vision

The Northwest Quadrant Initiative seeks to work hand-in-hand with national and expatriate believers to see entire communities come to faith. Literacy programs, as well as water and agricultural projects, health programs, and education, are important avenues to establishing a positive presence among the people groups of northern Chad.

A Quick Look At the Northwest Quadrant Initiative

TEAM was the first mission to venture into Chad’s northern most regions. In April 1993, a family moved to Bardai in the Tibesti Mountains. Though TEAM was the first mission to reach out to these people of the north, from early on there have been multiple organizations working together to reach these peoples. In May 1994, a family from SIL joined TEAM. These two families were the first missionaries ever in this totally isolated and unreached area. Both families were forced to leave the region in the late 1990s. After relocating, their ministries expanded to encompass two major people groups from northern Chad. The families also worked together to open the region of Salal to missionary work. Projects and programs over the years included dental and medical teams, water projects, school supply programs, education programs, and the establishment of an English and technology center.

Work in northern Chad can be difficult, thanks to the isolated location and rudimentary living conditions, so people who would like to join this initiative will need to stick with it for the long haul and not be easily discouraged. However, the area is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented stability and there is a greater openness in Chad than there has been in the past. TEAM has established healthy contacts and relationships with key people from northern Chad because of our twenty plus years of service among these people.

We currently serve this region through medical and agricultural work plus a cultural and training center. We would like to establish more programs for the community including computer and language training, English classes, teacher training, and a school for young children. Further opportunities for medical work are also open. We strive to promote literacy in the communities by producing materials, developing interest, and establishing opportunities for literacy.

The goals of the Northwest Quadrant Initiative are:

1. To live out our faith among the people and dispel any misconceptions about followers of Jesus Christ.

2. To work on projects that allows people to see us as people of God who are genuinely interested in them as fellow human beings.

3. To work in partnership with local men of peace, thus providing opportunities to build into their lives.

4. To help start a literacy movement, thus strengthening community amongst the people, broadening their worldview.

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