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The Swamp Initiative

Our Team

An experienced TEAM Chad missionary couple is leading this initiative along with other TEAM missionary couples.

Our Vision

The Swamp Initiative seeks to establish an indigenous, culturally sensitive reproducing community of disciples in each of the main people groups in this region of Chad. In order to achieve this goal, we help with the physical and spiritual needs of the population, building friendships through community development, education, and healthcare programs.

A Quick Look At the Swamp Initiative

TEAM began working in the Swamp in 2001, focusing on agriculture and veterinary care. Dental and surgical/medical teams have visited the region numerous times on a short-term basis, working through the government hospital in town and also in outlying villages. Our community development efforts include drilling water wells in more than 35 villages. We have also developed health and hygiene lessons and are training national facilitators to teach those lessons in villages. More than 600 students attend a private church school we support, which has a positive reputation and relationship with the community. We also help inspire and equip the local church body.

This region has a population of approximately 250,000, 99 percent of whom are Muslim with an animistic background. There are seven major people groups including Chadian Arab tribes and non-Arab tribes. The region is bordered by the Central African Republic and Sudan, so there is a Sudanese influence in the region. The area is currently experiencing calm and peace for the first time in many years.

Future activities planned for the Swamp Initiative include:

  1. Establishing mobile medical clinics in collaboration with government healthcare facilities.
  2. Relocating some missionaries to other strategic towns in order to expand work.
  3. Establishing a community health education program in partnership with local leadership.

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